Still Looking at Buzzard’s Bay

1 Nov

At 0615 we set off again for Newport, and made good progress to start. Then the wind and waves piped up, both on the nose and our progress slowed to 2-3 knots, not enough to get to get to Newport in daylight. So we took a bit of a left and romped our way into Cuttyhunk. It is pretty deserted here at this time of year. Gypsy is tied to a pillar (pile) and we are now sitting on the step of the Historical Society to get wifi. The winds today were up to 25 knots and wave height 6-8 feet as it built. Not comfy for us or Gypsy although she still did not get her rail wet! It will be a windy night as we sway tied to the piling. Tomorrow we set off for Newport again – 3rd time lucky? – Will blog again when it isn’t so cold on my fingers!! – Amazing… Sitting here on the step, a lady stopped to talk and last week she met the Hefflers (on a boat a week ahead of us who had not such great adventures with Sandy in Port Washington) small world! – Off to Newport early tomorrow and hopefully beat the worst of the wind and seas. Wind supposed to go for SW to W tomorrow which will be better. – Talk soon.


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