Hunkering down (Again!)

6 Nov

We had planned to hideout in Port Washington but then they upped the predicted wind. We had also planned to stop this night in Fisher Island but a call ahead informed us that they were pretty much blown out by Sandy and closed. So late yesterday we pulled in to Milford CT and got a berth at the top of the river sooooo sheltered from the coming nor’easter… so change of plan! We are staying here until it blows through.

Since Sandy, we have wandered down the coast from Marion and seen signs of Sandy… Newport only had one facility accepting “transients” (and we thoroughly enjoyed that)! Cuttyhunk had 2 feet over the wharves and their communication tower blew down. At Stonington we didn’t see much sign of Sandy but then again we arrived late, picked up a mooring, couldn’t find anyone at Dobson’s Boatyards and we left early… didn’t even go ashore. In Milford, there are some still without power and they had 3 feet over the dock. A few very large trees down but they felt they were very lucky.

At Milford Landing, they had no power or services but said we could tie up there through the storm. We are amidst fishing boats. The manager (Ray) found us shower facilities at Milford Boatyard next door, just ask for Mike. Initially he arranged with the Fire Chief for us to shower at the Fire Station – cool eh? Dick helped with lines for us to shift berths. Nancy is trying to find an electrician to help us with our DC Panel gremlin. (We periodically lose all power, usually at a most inconvenient time – and can’t figure out why.) We went for a good walk, bought slippers at a discount shoe store (cold feet onboard!) and headed back to our favourite coffee shop in Milford for good coffee and wifi. Beautiful crisp sunny fall day – the calm before the storm.

After the storm, Friday through Monday look really good for moving on so we will hope to get past NY and NJ. I expect we will see more signs of Sandy, they were much harder hit. Then Chesapeake, here we come!! 

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