Rookie Snowbirds!

7 Nov

Careful – decks are slippery!

… very slippery!!

Oh the weather outside is frightful… omg – it is snowing… and we didn’t bring a shovel… OK the flurries were a bit funny, but this is REAL slushy snow – a plough just went by!

We have worn a path to this coffee shop now. This time we slithered off the dock in search of warmth and a cup of tea. We are obviously rookie snowbirds getting caught in the snow like this, hmmm

It is windy, cold, snowy and wet. I am so glad we are here in Milford at a berth that we can easily skitter into a warm place and we are at the head of the harbour as sheltered from the northerly blow as possible. This is much better than our original plan to be in Port Washington on a questionable yellow mooring. And I just love our Wabasto heater!! I just looked out the window of the coffee shop (it is dark out now) and see sheets of snow blowing by – you know, that winter evening blizzard look!


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