New York, New York

10 Nov

We left Port Washington before first light and started what would be a fascinating and slightly surreal day on a boat – going right though New York. We timed it so that we would have the boost of the current but not the max current. We passed a couple of barges going the other way. A sweet looking Fisher 25’ fell into line behind us and then another larger sloop behind them. Three powerboats passed us, one kindly slowed to minimize wake, one went at max wake and tossed us about, and one in between… not bad. It was an exciting ride – under bridges, past LaGuardia airport, past Rikers Island prison including the huge 800 bed floating barge prison “annex” for overflow. We went through Throg’s Neck then the infamous Hell Gate where eddies and swirls of the current were very visible. One barge came charging in and soon overtook us. As we steamed along the waterway that ran between Manhattan and Brooklyn we had views of the famous buildings of New York – the UN complex, Empire State Building, the historic seaport and lots more. As we started to head out in to the channel we were planning to take the channel to starboard of the little island near the Staten Island Ferry terminal but the little guard dog boat that ghosted the Ferry came roaring out at us – so we went the other way. We still had good views of the Statue of Liberty and as we got out into the more open part of the harbour, there were lots more ships, tugs, a Coast Guard Patrol boat and 7 helicopters buzzing over all the boat traffic. One did a very close inspection of us, flying just over our rig. What a great way to see New York. 


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