Sandy WAS here!

11 Nov

Leaving New York behind, we continued on out to Sandy Hook at the southeast corner of the harbour entrance.

It was here that we had planned to meet with the Heffler’s. We called in to Atlantic Highland and they recommended that we not come in and said there were no facilities, or diesel and there was a lot of debris. We went in and picked up a mooring and David went ashore. The Heffler’s arrived, David did get two jerry cans of diesel and chauffeured a fellow off another boat to get a bit of diesel.

Our original plan had been to sail through New York to Sandy Hook. Then David and I would day hop around the coast of New Jersey to Cape May and then take the little Canal across to the Delaware – then up the Delaware, through the Delaware-Chesapeake Canal and down the Chesapeake. Two things changed that plan. The first was that we have had enough of the cold and want to fast forward our progress a bit. The second and more important was the reports of the carnage along New Jersey and that our plan to dayhop might be impossible. David Heffler had called a couple of evenings ago and suggested that he join David and that the two of them sail the boat around over three days and I would join Theresa on Deep Blue in the Dismal Swamp. That was an offer I wouldn’t refuse. I am not ready to be one of a double hander doing consecutive nights offshore – I need better sea legs and more knowledge of all the systems – and I need to know I won’t be at the rail!!

Our time in Sandy Hook was all the proof we needed that this was a good decision… oh, the carnage! The breakwater was breached. There was a lot of debris floating about. There were boats strewn everywhere – on their side on the shore, toppled over in the yard, driven half up on the dock with the bow pointing skyward, and boat damage everywhere. I cannot even imagine the damage tally that this single yard of boats would accrue. It was a very sad sight to see all the boats, people’s dreams and treasures, damaged and destroyed.

It was a good Plan B. We hugged our guys and wished them a safe voyage (forecast was for light winds and calm seas so the diesel supply was good!) and they dinked out to the boat. Theresa and I began our drive back to their boat, arriving before midnight.


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