Dismal Swamp – it’s all in the name!

12 Nov

It really doesn’t seem so dismal. I had thought that once we got to the Chesapeake things would be warmer – wrong. It was a cold night but the morning was the start of a great day with sun and much warmer temperatures. It was so good to feel warmed. After a late night, we weren’t early to wake but did see the first lock/bridge parade of about 8 boats heading southbound. Norfolk is the beginning of the ICW and is marked “mile marker 0”. Where Deep Blue is tied up on the Dismal Swamp Canal between Deep Creek Lock and Bridge is a tranquil spot about Mile Marker 10. I met the Heffler’s traveling buddies Gerry and Sonja (and cat!) who are on their boat out of Michigan, Kalamazoo, a CT, an older Taiwanese boat (about 41’ plus bowsprit). Over the next two days I had some good land time – Theresa and I had lots of time to chat, do errands, fill water jerry cans, relax and drink great coffee – even started my first book! The boys made good progress. They got to Cape May in the first 24 hours. They had anticipated light winds but actually sailed or motor sailed the whole way getting to Norfolk the evening of the second 24 hours – they blasted in to the huge Norfolk harbour under the cover of darkness. Theresa and I drove over – we all had dinner and then Dave left and I rejoined David on Gypsy. Now that’s a fine way to do an offshore passage J (We stayed at Tidewater Marina and had dinner at Robert Browns – both the same that David went to with David on their trips north!)

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