Norfolk and onward…

13 Nov

I had been delighted that David was going to have Dave (H) onboard for 48+ hours as this was an opportunity to for our DC Gremlin to be hunted down and obliterated!! But unbelievably, the Gremlin hid the entire time. I was back onboard maybe half an hour and all the power went off – it’s back!!

At 0630 the day looked pretty good but we had to wait for fuel. By the time they opened up at 0800 it was dark windy and wet!! We fueled, got water, showered, got coffee at the marina and cold cereal onboard… still no power.

Luckily in Milford, David had direct wired the helm instruments to the battery so the Gremlin couldn’t get it and we had a handheld VHF… so off we went. We headed for the Dismal Swamp Canal initially amidst huge commercial and naval ships and then into the secluded swamp. We got to our first bridge raising and then our first lock – all good. The lockmaster at the Deep Creek Lock was a real character (Robert) and told us to come back the following morning for breakfast… with our friends, or no bridge opening!

Finally Gypsy Mare met Deep Blue – and Spirit Healer… i.e. we have caught up with the Heffler’s who left NS a week before us and their new friends Gerry and Sonja (from Michingan). We spent the rest of that day puttering – little fixit jobs and sorting and organizing – it conjured up an image of squirrels sorting their nest in the woods! Dave came aboard in search of our DC Gremlin and found the beast – a loose fuse at the fuse box – yahoo lights and power!


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