Things that go Bump in the Swamp!

14 Nov

We joined the lockmaster for breakfast and got lots of info from him about the area – one interesting fact is that there is great diversity of flora and fauna as it is the northernmost point for many southern species and the southernmost point for many northern species. The locks are maintained by the US Corp of Engineers (in fact all the ICW). He said that 65% of Canal travelers are American, 25% are Canadian, and 10% rest of world. He also claimed the waters of the swamp are the most potable in the world – the heavy tannins of the cypress and juniper peat act like a giant teabag or filter making it pure and unlivable for bacteria – cool eh? (Robert collects conch shells and makes chess sets out of nautical items.)

Then we set off once Robert opened the bridge for us – ICW here we go! It’s funny, now that we are down this far, people are starting to think we come from a long way away – but we still have a long way to go! This day was the most narrow and shallow waters so far – we bumped twice and touched several times but got to the next stop point at the Visitor Center in North Carolina. The lead boat in our little contingent of the day kept on going and bade the “Canadian Fleets” fair winds. We went for a hike and did some wifi time (this is when my blog garbled… sorry!) We had some live entertainment as a fairly large powerboat put on quite a show trying to dock…

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