Sweet Potato Country

15 Nov

We waited for the walking bridge to open, then a larger bridge and then we “locked down” 8’ back to sea level and the canal opened out to a larger river feed in to the Albemarle Sound. We saw the navigation marks with the special yellow ICW marks – the yellow triangle is always the inland side of the ICW and the yellow square is always the ocean side – very useful nav tidbit!! We have a collection now of our 3 boats, a large cat, a small sloop from Canada, a UK boat and then a couple more late comers as we got to Elizabeth City. Tying up there was exciting as it was like a Mediterranean docking – bow in between piles and with a strong side wind – it was quite a performance but we all got docked intact – great fun. Book store (cookbook on sweet potatoes), coffee shop, grocery store (got sweet potatoes)… tomorrow on to the Sound.

Blog Glitch! (Having technical difficulties with my blog so posted: Hello everyone… seems to be a glitch so may be a delay for new posts and to get site displaying properly… more later – I hope!) P.S. We’re in Elizabeth City… it’s still cold!!!


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