Rogue’s Roost – it is not!

16 Nov

Elizabeth City lies near the NW corner of Albemarle Sound just down the Pasquotank River. Once out in the Sound there was a lively wind and chop on our quarter and we made good progress. It is still cold – I have all my layers on including my geeky fleece cap. The forecast for “outside” was for gales and seas 7-16′ – but we’re inside 🙂 This Sound is so shallow and can get so bouncy with the wind and short chop that you can literally bounce (i.e. touch in the troughs) your way across in a stronger wind. We had our first grounding when we strayed off the channel but it wasn’t like home – no rock, just a very gentle plough into the mud. We backed off easily and paid strict attention after that! (Glad that’s over with – everyone says you will go aground in the ICW.) We got to Alligator River and the Alligator Bridge opened for us to pass – very nice bridge master. On Channel 16 we heard a few minutes of rock music – “shake, rattle ‘n roll!” – and then we heard some hunters ashore – “mai dawg will na huoont the bar”… (translation?) we are truly getting in to some great accents. Alligator River is a very narrow channel in a very wide shallow river with low flat land on both sides – so empty. In contrast to the sense of remoteness we had a slew of fighter jets blasting close overhead. We anchored that night 35˚40’.358N 076˚05’.875W – the 3 boats… definitely not Rogue’s Roost. Today our Gremlin moved from the DC Panel to our holding tank – yuk!!


One Response to “Rogue’s Roost – it is not!”

  1. Sean November 20, 2012 at 1:22 pm #

    Low flying planes are from the Dare County Range about 8nm east of your location. Learn to duck or run fast, Sean

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