Alligator River

17 Nov

We set off early and got in the Alligator Pungo Canal. We were like a dawdling parade as we trotted along at about 5 knots. We were passed by a really gorgeous dark blue powerboat – almost futuristic looking, a combination of a trawler shape and powerboat styling and speed. (David was most impressed with their fancy anchor on the bow.) Shortly after, we were passed by a Sea Ray 68’ – both were very polite and courteous and the Sea Ray guy yelled over “she’s a beautiful boat” (we preened). Not long after we came across the Sea Ray hard aground. A trawler had stopped to help tug them off. We got to Bellhaven – both the marina and town are rather rundown. There was no good anchorage in this wind so we went to the marina. The evening was a birthday dinner for Dave Heffler! The Sea Ray guys came in and got a diver – bent shaft and badly damaged props and not from mud or logs – the tow guys said that barges have been dumping on the Canal and by the look of the props they hit metal. He again admired our boat and said “a Cheoy Lee – they’re indestructible!” – we preened again. (BTW we still haven’t seen an alligator!)

Happy Birthday Dave!


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