We’re moving on…

20 Nov

The wind hasn’t dropped much but we decided to get going anyway. Phil we are pointing 180 but it isn’t warm yet! We left about 0700 and set off along Pungo River through a canal, across part of Pamlico Sound and into Neuse River. There was lots of wind (20-25 gusting over 30). It was a cold day again – I start with long underwear, layer on several fleece tops, add fleece socks, insulated sailing boots, neck collar, full foul weather gear and top it all off with my fleece hat and Antarctic expedition gloves – charming! Gerry (Miller) and Sonja  aboard Spirit Healer went in to Oriental as they had friends to visit so we bid adieu. Deep Blue and Gypsy Mare went on to an anchorage at Cedar Creek. It was windy and a bit rolly to start but settled down. (I am still getting used to this moving home!) Everywhere we see the effects of the wind tides – quite a challenge for the coastal dwellers here. This weather system seems stalled as we are in between a low pressure system offshore and large high pressure system inland. So the cool temperatures and winds continue. In the morning we left around 0830 for the short jaunt to Beaufort, NC all in sheltered waters. Along the way had a pod of porpoises join us – they swam with us for a bit – I think they liked Gypsy’s spiffy underbody!! That made my day!! Entering Beaufort we went through a bridge opening and the bridge master hailed the Canadian ketch to ask our name – when I gave Gypsy Mare he responded – as a horseman I can appreciate the name! We anchored together to raft up – our version of Bahamian anchoring. This afternoon I want to go in search of the wild Shackleford horses – small feral horses on the marsh islands.

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