Still North Carolina…

22 Nov

We anchored in a really neat place last night – Mile Hammock Bay – it was actually in a Marine training area so we couldn’t go ashore but there were 10 boats, a beautiful clear evening with the 10 anchor lights twinkling below the stars overhead. We set off early to beat the rush leaving at 0630 and it was cold – 7C!!! The weather radio said it is 5 degrees below normal for this time of year. It was an interesting dawdle along waiting for bridge openings, in quite a parade – we say some porpoises, watched birds and enjoyed checking out the home architecture and lovely dune landscapes. In one of our bridge openings the bridge master called to a boat that sailed through with it jib up and said – take that sail down or I will report you to the Coast Guard!! (good to know!) We see all kinds of interesting boats – including the beautiful Aphrodite. We are now in Wrightsville NC and everything is closed – it is (US) Thanksgiving today! We heard in the news that the Dismal Swamp Canal is closed for 4 days for work – at least we dodged that delay!!

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