The Christmas Parade!! Nov 24

25 Nov

We made our usual early start, underway about 0700. We just happened to time the currents right so had a boost getting through the Cape Fear maze. There were no bridge openings to slow us down – we thought there would be one pontoon bridge, but it has been replaced with a new “hi-rise” bridge. There was one tricky spot, Lockwoods Folly Inlet, where they warned that there was a lot of shifting and shoaling and we did bump but not a problem! It was another spectacular day but a bit chillier. There is so much relatively new housing along the ICW but there are still lovely areas of natural scenery. We got farther than expected and into South Carolina – no anchorages here so went to Myrtle Beach Yacht Club – turn starboard just before the lighthouse, through a narrow channel and into this maze of docks. Tonight was the Christmas parade on the ICW of about 30 boats which was great fun to watch.


One Response to “The Christmas Parade!! Nov 24”

  1. Wilson November 28, 2012 at 1:19 am #

    Thanks David and Mary for your stories. They bring back fond memories. Keep it up! You have an appreciative audience. Snow flurries here over the weekend, more in the forecast. Christina Grant hauled and covered but not fully put to bed yet …


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