Dawdling through South Carolina

27 Nov

We have had a lovely few days dawdling along – the past few days were clear and sunny (and chilly) and today it clouded over and we had a sprinkle of rain as we headed in to Charleston. The evening after North Myrtle Beach we went to a very remote and quiet anchorage called Bull Creek – just us and a lovely trawler that reminded us of the Watt’s boat. This one was white and called Virginia. It was a glorious calm evening with beautiful colours and later a very bright moon. We got an early start and continued along. The ICW (often called “the Ditch”) is a combination of meandering rivers and manmade cuts, much of it quite narrow and certainly a few unavoidable “speed bumps” along the way – I don’t know if I will ever get used to that! We had planned to anchor again but didn’t like the look of the anchorage – very narrow inlet amongst the dunes where the shrimpers head out to sea. So we went into McClellanvilee, a small town, and tied up at a marina shared with shrimpers. Tied up behind us were Ruth and Bill on their trawler – I had met Ruth at the marina in Bellhaven days ago! It was great to go ashore for a walk. They have huge trees here called deerwood oaks – not at all like our oaks. Apparently the temperatures we are enjoying are typical for January! That was yesterday. Today we have come to Charleston. We are anchoring overnight and tomorrow will go in to a marina to get cleaned up and play tourist in the city. Near us in the anchorage are Dennis and Pam who invited us over for a drink. It turned out they are friends of Kit and Gretchen. Their friend Sue Ewing from a J41 Althea was over for drinks as well and she and her husband were at the Bras d”Or Lakes cruise this past summer… small world!

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