29 Nov

As we we’re going round Charleston to head back into the ICW at Ashley River, we saw a large (pleasure) powerboat that seemed to be being escorted outbound by a Charleston harbour police boat. As we headed up Ashley River to wait for a bridge opening, a Coast Guard vessel (with many men aboard) came close and asked our vessel name. They also asked a small powerboat next to us who responded and then asked “is this the way to the ICW?” – oh dear! A few minutes later the CG vessel pulled alongside and said that they were putting two aboard for an inspection :0 our first boarding party!! Two very nice guys came onboard and did the full drill – checking firearms, lifejackets, fire extinguishers, passports, driver’s licenses, ships docs and so on. They also took our fingerprints to run us electronically to make sure we weren’t criminals. It all took less than an hour and they said to proceed as normally (so we didn’t miss the bridge opening) – they said thank you, said we made their job easy and one officer (who had recently relocated from Lauderdale) said we would love the Bahamas! They gave us a completed form to have and said to show it if we were boarded again which was likely. We continued on our way for a challenging day of narrow passages but otherwise very serene.


One Response to “Boarded!”

  1. Dave Foley December 3, 2012 at 12:24 pm #

    Fingerprinted without being charged or arrested for anything. Nice. Land of the “free”.

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