Georgia On My Mind

1 Dec

Yesterday was another tranquil day with salt marshes, lovely homes, porpoises and lots of birds. We got to Hilton Head which I thought was going to be really cool but was quite inaccessible for us transients as it seems to be pretty much a collection of gated communities, each called a different “plantation” and just malls and strip malls in between. David took the chance to change the oil and fuel filter – and that was our excitement for the day. Actually my big excitement every day is the porpoises that we see quite often. We planned an early start as we are nearing Georgia and tides and current are the boss of the day – but our engine alarm came on so we were delayed. I was reading the manual (like I was going to figure anything out doing that!!) when I heard a new noise as David clicked the key over – David listened to it and decided it was the fuel pump –and the fuel wasn’t getting to the injectors. He plunged the filter and it was all fixed – so off we went. Our other big excitement of the day was traveling Field Cut – the dire warnings of shoaling and so on were quite intimidating but Gypsy nimbly trotted through it all. Tonight we are at a marina (wifi and showers!!) as we will be on the hook for a week as we go through Georgia (maybe no blogging til after). This (Isle of Hope) Marina is really nice and is on the outskirts of Savannah. We have been looking forward to Georgia – they warn of the meandering route and the tricky tides and currents, shoaling and often rough Sounds, but it is also a pristine and beautiful coastline of “the Golden Isles” and the real treat at the end of this is Cumberland Island – and wild horses!!

Oh – almost forgot! (Finally) it is warm today. Last night was the first time we did not put the furnace on. Today no long underwear or hats or glove – even out of boots and into Keens!! Yahoo! It is over 60F today.

One Response to “Georgia On My Mind”

  1. Sara December 5, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

    yeah!!!!!!here’s to warmth
    and horses

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