Cruising into Florida

7 Dec

We hesitated to leave early as that put us at low tide and parts of our route today were best done on mid to high tide or at least rising tide – so we went with the rising tide. After all the warnings about running amuck in Georgia and getting stuck – we actually got right through Georgia unscathed. (The guidebooks do put you on tenderhooks about all the navigational challenges.) However less than one hour into FL waters and we hit a shoal of mud with a thump! We crossed over St Mary’s River to Florida and the first views were an industrial bloom and a putrid one at that! We got past that bit and into some more wilderness, more bridges, more winding waterways and a bald eagle. We then crossed St Johns River which was a boiling cauldron – the current just grabbed at Gypsy. We decided to stop at Beach Marine near Jacksonville (need showers!!) so today was a day of laundry, provisions, West Marine (again!) and maintenance – change fuel filter, got cracked filter bracket welded and so on. Tomorrow a long day to catch up some miles and likely the next several nights on the hook so no blog updates for several days, unless our plan changes…

2 Responses to “Cruising into Florida”

  1. Al Bishop December 9, 2012 at 12:49 pm #

    Great to hear you are now all the way to Florida! No more long johns! Deb and I enjoy the blogs very much. I am now the ‘ historian ‘ for the station so perhaps you would kindly consider a piece for the station news or the CCA spring GAM. Fair ( warm ) winds and following seas – Al B :o)

  2. S&S December 10, 2012 at 12:24 pm #

    Dear Mary, Computer is about to go to Cambodia for anxious young women that are discovering whats out there in the world.Thank you so much from S&S and all those you have touched. MC and Fair Winds,S&S

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