Have keel… can dredge!

10 Dec

The last few days has brought us a range of weather. From Jacksonville we continued south – we hit fog – tick o’ fog, which slowed us down so we didn’t make the planned anchorage and stopped at Marineland Marina instead. It was a very tidy marina. (David was so zonked he had a nap!) I did go visit the dolphins – I have such mixed feelings about animals in captivity but watching a small boy get so excited to be close to one and learn about them does reinforce the touted educational benefit – youth are the ones that will maintain and hopefully improve environmental efforts. (Ok, off the soapbox…) The next day was lovely – mostly sunny, no fog, and warm – just a great day and we reached our planned anchorage south of Daytona. We thought we would have it to ourselves but were joined by 4 more including a large and lovely (new) traditional ketch from Newport. I have been amazed at the numbers of dolphins that loll around in the waterway. The fellow at Marineland said that these waterway dolphins do not go out in the ocean and there are considerations to classify them as a separate sub species. A group of dolphins watched us anchor which was fun and we have also seen eagles, hawks and pelicans. Next morning – tick o’fog again!! I feel so at home… but it is a warm fog. We decided we could start out once we could see the first buoy, which meant 2/10 of a mile visibility. We fumbled our way, groping from buoy to buoy. The fog eventually cleared and we spent most of our day in Mosquito Lagoon and then Indian River (bet the Mosquito Lagoon tourism folks have a challenge!) It still surprises us how often we see the same boats – they pass us and then somehow we get ahead again and then they zip past us again – lots of waving! There have been many bridge transits – some we go under and some open for us (either on request or by schedule) – with surprisingly little delay. We didn’t make the bridge opening to reach our anchorage so went into a small yacht club where we cheerfully dredged a couple of berths for them before settling into one for the night. Our view tonight is of Cape Canaveral NASA station and we have also been enjoying an excellent (forked) lightning show.

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