That Rascally Gremlin!!

30 Dec

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe headed out from Fort Pierce and decided to make an overnight stop at Stuart. It was not far down the ICW but a bit of a detour – in future would only do it if planning to stay several days –and it is a great place to stop for a few days. $15 per day for a mooring at Sunset Bay Marine – and a class ‘A’ setup. Great people, showers, laundry with ironing board (what’s that for?) small shop with coffee and easy boardwalk stroll to the quaint downtown. Lots of restaurants around as well as Publix and so on and a free shuttlebus to West Marine, etc. We even found a new little produce market that sells farm fresh stuff so we now have oranges and grapefruit all over the boat!

Yesterday we set off for Lake Worth – and it was busy, tons of boats and many bridges. Few of the powerboats even bothered to slow so it was lumpy (and yes those oranges rolled all over the place). We were just waiting for a bridge when David noticed the engine overheating so we got through the bridge and managed to tie up to someone’s pilings. Horrors – when David lifted the floorboard to check the engine the engine was awash (and we check the bilge hourly). All 3 of us began to pump and bail and we called Tow Boat US (NEVER cruise in the US without this membership – unlimited towing!) So this blond lifeguard kind of guy came along in his towboat with twin 300’s and took us under tow to the nearest service yard. Great towboat. So here we sit in Riviera Beach on a long weekend.  We bailed her dry, gave the engine a fresh water bath. David had disconnected the battery from the starter as there seemed to be a short or something (smoke) and when he reconnected it, the engine started all on its own (oops!). But the good thing of that was that David was able to see where the water had come from. At the bottom of our brand new custom expensive stainless steel exhaust system was a tiny screw that was not stainless and had blown out. Why do they do that kind of thing… how can you trust anyone’s work… We all had showers to get the gunky bilge water off us and a good night’s sleep. Still some repair work and a few parts to source….. hmmm I had been wondering where and when the gremlin would reappear. No more bananas onboard – ever!

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