2 Jan


NYE we bid adieu to 2012 with glee – and toasted to a great new year with sleeping gremlins and no bananas onboard. We wandered about the central square of West Palm Beach, abuzz with people of all ages. In Florida you can walk on the streets with drink in hand! They made it snow (soap bubbles) which made everyone laugh and take photos with their phones. The energy was fantastic. Then David, Jane and I went in see Les Mis – good movie. We got out of the theatre about 11:15 and followed the throngs headed to the waterfront for the midnight fireworks. More crowds – all so upbeat. The palm trees were lit and adorned with “dripping icicles” (lights again), there was a Christmas tree sculpture lit up in changing colors. They didn’t do the countdown which threw me for a loop but then the mega yachts around us started blasting their horns and the fireworks began – simple astounding. Afterwards we walked west and happened to walk right to the marina shuttle so were back on Gypsy before 0100 for a New Year toast. A fun and different New Year.

Progress on the engine NYE – got alternator and starter reconditioned and back on, had diesel mechanic check the engine and he was happy. So David got it all back together and it started but tach was not reading. This morning the starter battery was dead so something is up with the electrical which has been a concern all along. David is tinkering today. Hopefully tomorrow we will get an engine electrical guy to go through everything.

Today we are chilling. David continues to tinker like a dog with a bone. Jane and I got the shuttle back over to the main marina of Rybovich to use their awesome gym and enjoy the resort like amenities. I wonder what the little salamanders think of the astro turf?

New Year’s Day was quiet with everything closed. David had his head in the bilge again and Jane and I indulged ourselves with another trip to the gym. Today a couple of electricians joined David in the bilge – figured out the fuel solenoid is toast so draining the battery – ordered another. We reconnected with Captain Bill from Key West who we knew in the 90’s from the Numbers and Key West Race Week days – he is now part of this great yard – Rybovich.

Jane and I are off to Lauderdale tomorrow to pick up parts and we hope things will fall into place by Friday – keep your fingers crossed for us!

Happy New Year friends and family – we miss you and wish you a healthy and happy 2013.



2 Responses to “HNY”

  1. William Slights January 4, 2013 at 3:00 pm #

    Hi Mary: You have to let David pull his head out of the bilge for a breath or two now and then. We’re wishing you all the best in the quick repairs department, and many more good things for 2013. Margaret and I are busily trying–note, trying–to make flight plans to join you guys in the Bahamas.

    P.S. Are you sure those weren’t astro-salamanders?

    • maryfilbee January 4, 2013 at 8:30 pm #

      Hi Bill – great to hear from you – still no joy re engine. David will pull head out of bilge in a few hours but right now is sharing bilge with electrician. So far we have replaced alternator, starter, solonoid, and several wires… It has been a week now. Still stuck on the mainland… those could well have been astro-salamanders!

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