The Weekly Rate

18 Jan

Yup, still here in Riviera Beach! We have a new regulator, new solenoid, new water pump, rebuilt alternator and some replaced wires – Tuesday we took Gypsy out for sea (ICW) trials. Went well for an hour but then the alternator stopped working again. Rats. David called Balmar and they said there was a great Balmar mechanic in Lauderdale so we hired a car and went down. He has been a great find. We now have a new alternator and will have 2 spare. Tomorrow we will go out for a test spin again.

We will have been here at Rybovich Marine Center for 3 weeks tomorrow! Glad we get the weekly rate. One day just blends into the next. I think we are gaining a new perspective on the cruising life. It is not about the destination it is about the journey! This journey is not at all what I expected but it has been amazing – and mostly about the unexpected and the little moments.

There is a new boat in the main (mega) yard this week – it is a gun metal grey mega yacht sporting a helicopter! It is simply wicked. This week, a huge sloop docked beside us – 85 feet with 137 tall mast. We look a bit like a dinky toy beside it. Aphrodite got her bottom paint job and went cruising past us today.

David spent much of this week with his head in the bilge again – and also undertook the delightful job of replacing the head piping and installing an anti siphon valve. I have been provisioning and planning, varnishing (as always) and polishing stainless steel. But we have been having fun too.

The winds have been consistently strong from the east for a couple of weeks now so not great for crossing to Bahamas and lumpy once in the Exumas – so our delay is not so bad.

We hope to get going in the next couple of days and will go the ICW to Lauderdale, then coastal to Miami. Then we are in a good position for hopping to Bimini. So then we wait for a weather window – lot of east to northeast the next several days, so we’ll wait for SE to S and a smooth ride across the Gulf Stream!

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