We Let the Lines Go

22 Jan

Rybovich is short two yard rats now. After three weeks we have let the lines go and set off again. It was comfortable there and we easily fell into a routine as we went through the slow process of getting our engine going again. It took far longer than we ever expected – and was more complicated – but we think we are good to go! I say think, as do we ever know for sure with boats? It was also an opportunity to relax, rejuvenate (go to the gym) and get all sorts of boat jobs done.

Adieu to the many good people we met at Rybovich – it has been a pleasure to meet and talk with them.

We got underway about 0830, back along “the ditch”. Tuesday, Jan 22. We travelled solo and not finding any anchorages stopped at a marina fuel dock in Delray. A day of 10 bridge openings. Once settled we went exploring – I tried to buy stamps for Canada but was told there are none available as next week they will be the same as all international but those weren’t for sale either – nuts! We called US Customs to give our location change (as required) and they knew specifically that we had been in the Rybovich yard – hmmm, I don’t think we had reported that detail!! Gives me the heebejebees!


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