Happening Lauderdale

25 Jan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMGP1757 IMGP1762Yesterday was 11 bridges and in all those openings we maybe waited just a total of 30 minutes. If you average 6 knots you pretty much trot from one opening to the next. We ended up trooping through most of the openings with the same 3 other boats – Orion (who’s had been at Rybovich with us), Inti II from Ontario (whose cousin is a CPS officer I know in Halifax) and Ragtime (another Canadian boat). Watching other boats, I learned a new term – a stern bumkin (can you guess or do you know?). Saw lots of fabulous boats including a good looking Cheoy Lee powerboat. It is surprising to see all the glamorous new homes being built on the ICW, I guess they don’t know theses are hard times! The VHF chatter is also entertaining – different mannerisms, attitudes and accents – whether boaters, bridge tenders, barge operators, Towboat US or Coast Guard. In the afternoon (once in Lauderdale) an unexpected visit with a friend I hadn’t seen in years – Fiona lives in Florida now but we backpacked in Europe together in our early twenties! We cruised right past Richard and Rodney’s condo and last evening settled in Ft Lauderdale municipal moorings right by Las Olas bridge – very cool spot. And we are right beside another Cheoy Lee!! Today was a chill day of exploring Lauderdale on foot and walking the beach. Oh and at a different post office I was able to buy stamps to Canada, hmmm. The winds and seas are picking up outside so we will plan our outside jump to Miami before or after the weekend system coming through. I think we are getting quite relaxed – it is important to take each day one at a time and enjoy the places and people!!


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