Still Stateside

31 Jan

IMGP1771 IMGP1774Well we seem pretty settled here beside the Las Olas bridge! It is a good spot and we were lucky enough to get a mooring. We have dinghied then walked to West Marine. We have visited with friends and more to meet with. We have walked on the beach. It’s all good! We saw Spielberg’s (sp?) 350’ yacht – wow! Yesterday we got stopped in our dinghy by the cops and given a “warning”. Apparently here in Florida, everyone MUST have their dinghy registered. It doesn’t matter if you are not American or it is not required in your home country! So we have to either get it registered in NS or here in FL (in which case they collect a tax of 10% of the value of the dinghy!!) Sweet! There is quite a collection of us here at the marina from all over the world waiting for a weather window – we have enjoyed meeting everyone here and hearing their tales. Today we went walkabout and ended up walking along New River – absolutely charming. Lauderdale has turned out to be quite a delightful surprise.


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