Lauderdale Mini Posts

7 Feb

We have spent a rather long time here in Lauderdale – for a number of reasons. However the time has been good. The weather is blissful – lovely warm days, hot sun to dodge, often a cooling breeze, and good sleeping temp at night. What more can you ask for?

The many Facets of Lauderdale

When I thought of Lauderdale before, I always thought of that long crowded beach flanked by rowdy bars and eateries with the masses milling about. That is surely there  – and the sights – my, my! However there are so many other sides to Lauderdale: the ICW with its bridges and canals that shoot off everywhere; New River with all its activity rather like a European waterway; Las Olas Blvd with trendy dining and shops including the best card/stationary shop ever! Then there was the bus ride David and I took yesterday – well that was an experience not to be forgotten!! There is just so much to Lauderdale!

Meeting People – Sharing Tales

We have met up with friends from home and past travels which has been great fun. Here at the marina, we have met Canadians and Americans of course and also Scottish, British, Australian, Norwegian and Danish. It is so neat to hear their stories and adventures. From seasoned circumnavigators to fresh-faced new owners, even new sailors – they all come. Tales range from mechanicals (many) and regulatory wrangles to stories of destinations and passages. One thing for sure – cruisers help cruisers. It’s just what they do. Whether it is swapping info, sharing data, catching lines at the dock, giving another a lift to West Marine or whatever – they are unfailingly generous. I expect in the past when cruisers gathered in a marina, they sat around and gabbed full time. Now we are all armed with gadgets galore – iPads, laptops, iPhones or Androids – and all kinds of weather and charting apps and software. Times they are a-changing!

Our Bridge Adventure

We will never see the Las Olas Bridge the same again. Not only have we been moored beside it for awhile (ok too long!) and listened to the opening announcement every half hour – but… We set off on a walk one day and after an hour or so stopped for a coffee. That is when David realized his wallet had jumped out of his backpack. We retraced our steps at a run right back to the bridge we had scampered over just as it was opening. I got there first and checked with the bridge operator, just in case. Unbelievably she had noticed it and picked it up. She called AmEx, tried to Skype David and even googled David’s old business card – resourceful lady! David hugged her and we brought her a bag of treats as a thank you. There are wonderful people in this world.

My Bread Adventure

One of my goals on this cruise was to learn to make bread. I have pretty much mastered stove top propane cooking on a boat but the oven continues to challenge and intimidate me. Regardless I decided to give it a whirl. There were a few things working against me – one I have never made bread before, two I didn’t have the right cooking pan, and three I had a merciless migraine. However, I had already started so soldiered on. David came to my aid and lit the stove that I find quite mysterious. We popped the loaf in the oven and after the allotted time I opened the door to remove the lid. The pan leapt out of the oven and slid across the floorboards with me hopping about while David tried to regain control of the hot item. The final product was a bit odd and I won’t open my bakery just yet but David gallantly proclaimed it delicious (not!).

Trawler Gazing

Last weekend there was an in-water Trawler Show. So David and I wandered over to muse. We climbed aboard 2 Grand Banks, a Nordhavn, Selene, Nordic Tug, Kady Krogen and Seaton. It was great fun and certainly a liveaboard’s dream in terms of living space and amenities. Some were like little ships, some more yachty, and some had lovely interior brightwork. Back on our mooring, we reassured Gypsy that we were not moving on, just curious. (BTW one thing we learnt here in Florida – never call yourself a liveaboard or the authorities will hound you – you are a cruiser!)


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