Musings from the Mooring Field

21 Feb

LasOlasMooring-SDon’t ask – but yes we are still in Lauderdale. Next week we will make our move, once some things are looked after here. We are weighing options and looking at timing. In the meantime, we continue to enjoy Lauderdale…

We have taken several bus rides to various destinations and it is always an adventure. Today our ride back was with a fun loving lady driver – excellent driver, quick to toot the horn and full of banter and laughter with her regulars. Bus rides are a real insight into a community.

And here’s a funny one… there are many things you cannot do in USA if you do not have a zip code. One is pay at the pump (for gas) but the funniest one is in Lauderdale, they have bicycles that you can rent by the hour, but not without a zip code. So for all tourists from outside USA, no joy – and this is a tourist service!! Go figure.

We seem to be in Cat Country more and more, here in our mooring field. We have decided that the ideal ICW boat is a trawler and likely the ideal Bahamas and Keys boat would be a Cat. Certainly a lot of other folks seem to think so. Last night an ocean going power cat came in – red, 70′, Spanish flag and bulb keels like the big ocean liners. What a boat – check it out!!

We learnt a new term the other day. We were groaning about the cost of something we want for the boat and another cruiser said: “but that is only two and a half boat units!” Funny David and I had recently commented that everything to do with a boat, of any merit, has three zeros!

In the mooring field one of our recent neighbours was a lady with her golden retriever. They were a joy to watch – they so obviously adored (and depended on) each other. The dog got excited every time they went ashore grabbing his lifejacket and shaking it with glee.

Last weekend, we went to the Miami Boat Show with Don and Avril. Oh my – the boat toys!!! We had a wonderful time rushing from booth to booth – one day just wasn’t enough. We have a new and improved wish list and found the exact ones that we want in many cases. Hmmm – I thought we were finished our upgrade? Well perhaps just a couple more items 🙂 –  (We did pick up a SeaSucker Phil!)

At the ticket line up for the boat show we met a hilarious trio of three guys. One was lamenting the loss of his house and 50’ boat in Hurricane Bush – that made us laugh! The guy was an absolute stand up comedian. Everything was $10 – even his socks that he tried to sell Avril as clean and pre-warmed (it was a very cold day).

Last night, under the cover of dark, a 40′ Bayliner picked up the mooring next to us. There was lots of animated jabbering (Spanish we think) and they put on quite a show with no boat hook to help them. They ran their generator all night and then left at first light. Hmmmph, they didn’t pay their mooring fee! We’d heard about guys like that!

We continue to meet cruisers from all over the world – and it is fascinating. Everyone has different experiences and tales. Some are very experienced and some just starting out. We haven’t met many with children, most are couples and many are at or nearing retirement.



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