Seize the Moment

24 Feb

After all our shenanigans – snippets of which you have read in our blog, and many more – we now admit the reality that we are out of time for taking our own boat to the Bahamas this season. We thought we might just be able to fit it in but the risk of not getting a weather window to get back in time is real – some have waited as long as 3 weeks. We must be home before March 30 – so we will be.

Once we get on the move, we’re pretty quick about it. Friday we thought about it and yesterday, we left Lauderdale – Richard waved from his balcony as we putted by about 0730. We got as far as Palm Beach after a marathon of bridge openings – 0715, 0730, 0815, 0830, 0900, 0915, 1030, 1100, 1130, 1200, 1300, 1315, 1326, 1355, 1404, 1430, 1613, 1715, 1800!!. We had planned to stop at Delray but no room. Then we tried to stop at Lantana but stuck in the mud twice in their channel. We ended up at Palm Harbour Marina, a lovely swanky place. Rod and Cheryl came by and we went for dinner and in the morning, after a slight altercation with the current, we headed over to Rybovich. Boat is now cleaned, dinghy on deck and outboard locked on so pretty much ready – just need to maneuver to the where Gypsy will stay for about 10 days to 2 weeks. Quick change of plan – we do want to see the Bahamas and Dave and Theresa have invited us to join them on Deep Blue II in Staniel Cay. Tomorrow morning we fly over. From there will join Rob and Kaya on Turtle Cay for a few days… research for another year perhaps!? Then we will continue heading north to leave Gypsy near Jacksonville for the month we are home (April). In May we return to continue heading north.

We have had a wonderful time in Lauderdale – and many thanks to Richard and Rodney, who welcomed us so generously. (Richard we will make that passage to the Bahamas together, but sadly, now it must be another year.)

The cruising life – it is about making plans and then changing them, it is about mechanicals and breakdowns, it is about health issues – this we have learnt first hand and from our many chats with other cruisers. It is also serendipitous moments, special days, new friends, swapping tales and info – and most importantly, kicking back. Oh and seizing the moment. So that is what we will do now. We expect little or no wifi in Bahamas so there may not be a post for awhile.

One Response to “Seize the Moment”

  1. Wilson February 26, 2013 at 11:28 pm #

    Congratulations on your willingness to enjoy the moment and to change plans as circumstances dictate. That’s what makes a great cruise. We are looking forward to hearing your stories when you get back!


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