Party at Peanut

11 Mar

Sunday… a day of rest for some but for the area surrounding us it was party time on Peanut Island. There was a huge crowd of boats anchored around the sandbar area off the island – and I do mean huge numbers, like an endless raft up. The police hovered relentlessly but the party atmosphere could not be dampened. The afternoon’s entertainment was fantastic – watching people with every floating mode of transport making their way to the island. Two guys in a rotten old rowboat one paddling with an oar and the other with a piece of 2×4, paddleboards from all directions, plastic kayaks, canoes, runabouts loaded with bodies and blasting music, more drunks in rowboats, jet skis towing broken down boats… it was a spectacle. They all began to disperse around sunset. Soon after dark there was a commotion outside. I did not hear it a first as I was below but David saw 3 in a rowboat capsize. He tried to find Sean (captain of Compass Rose) and then the Towboat guys – someone with a small boat in the water. Sean appeared just as I heard the calls for help and came topside. The three of us ran for Sean’s tender and roared out to help. There were 2 holding on to the capsized, almost submerged rowboat. Another guy was clinging to the rail of a small dinghy that had putted out to help. We got the three aboard. They were cold and exhausted, the girl hysterical and “Shortie” pretty much comatose – the 3 were just about done in. We got them back to their friend’s live aboard boat at anchor then went to retrieve the rowboat. We got it drained and secured to the dock for the night. And yes, there was a significant amount of alcohol involved in the capsize.

IMGP2528 IMGP2529 IMGP2532 IMGP2533 IMGP2537

2 Responses to “Party at Peanut”

  1. Dave Foley March 14, 2013 at 11:32 am #

    I hope that, at least, you got a visit the next day from them to thank you for saving their lives. Thankfully you were aware. I guess it would have been too much to expect the rum-soaked to look out for their own and make sure all made it “home” safely.

    • maryfilbee March 14, 2013 at 12:04 pm #

      It was an interesting experience for sure. They did come to retrieve their old rowboat the next morning but David and I weren’t there. Sean saw them and they didn’t even recognize him as on of their rescuers… definitely very loaded! Those liveaboards are quite the low life’s. the Florida communities really dislike them. They live on these really dilapidated boats – no sails, no booms, maybe even no mast. They are falling apart and look like hell, one even has a 6 inch gap along their hull-deck joint. They are a blight on the reputation of boaters. We learnt we are not liveaboards, we are cruisers! Hello to Sue Mary

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