Happy to be Back in the Ditch!

12 May

May 9 and we were all ready to go – just shy one part for the dinghy davits and waiting with bated breath for the UPS guy in those brown shorts! The word was that traffic was a snarl as they were transporting that rocket fuel blaster thing that day and were cutting power lines and had all sorts of  security. At  1330 the part arrived and at 1415 we set off downriver (north!) sporting our dinghy dangled off our new davits. What a joy that will be when at anchor – no more wrestling the dinghy off the foredeck! We got to Jacksonville Landing at 1730, got through the train bridge just before it closed but thought the lifting bridge was closed till after rush hour, so we stopped at the Landing. Then we noticed a sailboat head for that bridge as well as a small cruise ship so we untied our docklines and joined the line up and went through to overnight at the free city marina. The next morning Gypsy was so keen to get going north she tried to take off without us – what a current!  We jumped aboard and were off at 0615 down the river and back into the ditch. We decided to stop at Fernandina Beach as so many told us how charming it was so we blasted along with the current and picked up a mooring at 1245, then played tourist. It was a charming town although when the plants spewed in the wee hours I thought they were trying to kill off tourists! Foul!

We set off at 0630 the next morning and were soon out of Florida and into Georgia. We bypassed Cumberland with the plan to stop at Jekyll Island with its historic mansions and gorgeous beaches but decided to continue. There was a very tricky part of the ICW (G19 notorious for shoaling) just north of the Jeckyll Marina and we needed to transit it at mid to high tide. Stopping at Jeckyll would end up costing us a day due to the timing of the tides. Besides, we were blasting along so well we still pulled in to St Simon’s Island at 1330. We did go to a marina and glad we did. Great facility and people with courtesy car and bicycles.

Today was forecast to be 25 knots through tonight as a front went through so we used that as an excuse to dally a day to enjoy one of the “Golden Isles”. We started off with a four hour bike ride that was wonderful. Beautiful bike trails shaded by the majestic live oaks with their veils of wispy trailing moss – and flat (like all this coastline) – perfect for the sit-up-and-beg style bikes. The highlights of the tour were The Stables at Frederica and the charming village. Then we hid from the sun – I have always thought I was a southern sun girl at heart but have come to find out I can’t take it – so I hide. This week has been in the high 80’s – but I am NOT complaining!! This afternoon I hid from the sun, David had a snooze, I cleaned the head (fun, fun), David filled the water, then we cleaned the boat. She was a dirty girl after a month in the boatyard. The no see’ums chased us inside so it was dinner indoors. Tomorrow we’re off to Wahoo River… I think.

I wonder why cruisers sometimes skip Georgia – we love it!

IMGP2700 IMGP2705 IMGP2708 IMGP2723 IMGP2733 IMGP2740 IMGP2756 IMGP2764 IMGP2766 IMGP2767 IMGP2770 IMGP2781 IMGP2789 IMGP2802


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