Toogoodoo and Dawho

16 May

IMGP2911 IMGP2918 IMGP2923May 16 was a leisurely start after a trip to West Marine and the Piggley Wiggley! Still more tense navigation with Ashepoo Coosaw Cut, Fenick Cut and Watt’s Cut. Most of the day we headed east. It was also a day of intense horsefly swatting – we lost count but had to take up the cockpit grate to remove the losers. Dawho River shallow and shoaling but we were unscathed. We anchored for the night to Toogoodoo Creek. We were all by ourselves except for the gnats and (small bot) crab fishermen who passed at 1800 and then again 0500. The tachometer quit during the day so David was upside down again, head in bilge. He found the problem, a wire in the new alternator harness to the regulator that had been crimped so tightly the wires were pretty much cut and finally gave it up – our second factory defect! All in all a lovely evening.


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