If you Haven’t Parked – You Haven’t Done the Ditch!

18 May

IMGP2973 IMGP2979 IMGP2983 IMGP2985We were up with the weekend warrior fishermen hollering at each other, so we were underway by 0730. It turns out that was perhaps too early for this day as we left at low tide. Just after R89 (MM449) we went well aground in the mud. Three options – wait for the tide to come up and float off, hope for a tow or put the dinghy in and try to pull ourselves off. In went the dinghy. I threw David a line and he an Filly pulled and pulled, then went around the other side and tried to push. (David had a big grin on his face!) We actually wiggled Gypsy enough to make a bit of a groove in the mud and backed out of it. Just then MySharona (a trawler we had met 2 days ago) passed, slowing to check all was ok. They later radioed us about another shallow spot. It was a shallow day. We saw more horseflies, dragonflies, cranes and lots of dolphin activity. The scents of nature were wonderful today – the fragrant wild roses in the dunes, the nostalgic smell of hot sand, the heavy perfume of spring flowers and then the fresh scent of the pine forest as we emerged from the Esterville Minum Creek Canal. We did quite a bit of motor sailing today and again made better time than expected. We reached Georgetown at 1630 and anchored for the night. The big debate now is whether to wait for the coffee shop to open and get wifi at 0830 or get an early start to get through the “rockpile” at mid to high tide. Sunday is a good day to do this stretch of the ICW as there will be little or no barge traffic. Tomorrow is a Sunday!

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