Anchored in the Ditch – but not for lunch!

19 May

Yes, we decided on the early start – at 0730. A slight hiccup at Georgetown harbour entrance but it was the water pump not switched back on after cleaning filters. So off we went – most of the day  on the Waccamaw River. Every now and then there was a particularly pungent smell of the swamp that would waft by. Just south of Bull Creek (still my favourite anchorage from last fall) the engine overheated so we put the hook down and David was back with his head in the bilge. It was another foundry installation problem which broke the key of the water pump. Luckily we had a spare key from the old water pump so David was able to replace it. MySharona stopped to check we were ok and we thanked them, again – so nice.  We got going again but had to readjust our destination and went in to Osprey Marina which has a great reputation and price – and a nice goodie bag! All day on the ICW the weekend warriors roared by, worse than the horseflies – jetskiis, cigarette boats, pontoon boats, little speedboats and then the regular ICW traffic – a mix of sailboats, trawlers, and mega yachts. The Captain of one mega yachts radioed over “nice boat Captain!” We got in to Osprey about 1600. (Another Cheoy Lee with a British flag came in just after us.) We started the day with a bit of rain, and it is raining a bit again now. So now to re plan our passage  through the “rockpile” and Lockwood’s Folly. the next week promises showers for most days – but it is still warm!!

IMGP2989 IMGP2990 IMGP2996 IMGP2998 IMGP3001 IMGP3002 IMGP3003 IMGP3004

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