New Crew Member Aboard – Basil!

20 May

IMGP3137We were up early so left Osprey before 0700. The focus of the day was the infamous “rockpile” and Lockwood’s Folly. We had some rain but mostly just cloudy. We entered the Ledges (MM 366-347) of the rockpile and proceeded carefully. The rockpile part of 349-352.2 was certainly intimidating and there was lots of radio chat ahead of us. We putted through unscathed at 6.3 knots with a current boost at 1030 – and then we had breakfast. At 1130 we reached the SC-NC border. Then it was Lockwood’s Folly where shoaling and dredging result in changed marks and general confusion. There was a lot of current but we wandered through that one as well. In this section, there are very few anchorages and none that worked for tonight so it was a stop at South Harbour Marina where we hopped on our bikes to find antifreeze and some groceries. OMG – little hills – we haven’t seen those in months! We managed to cycle back laden down, plus me with a little basil plant on my handlebars and David with a dozen free range eggs – and no breakage. At the marina we met a nice couple from Montreal- Guy and Sylvie, returning from 4 years in the Caribbean.
Cute little ditty from Osprey Marina:
“Knotical” Weather Guide
Rope moving – windy
Rope still – calm
Rope invisible – foggy
Rope wet – rainy
Rope – rope dry – sunny
Rope gone – hurricane
… here’s hoping for dry ropes with just some movement 😉

IMGP3046 IMGP3047


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