Here we are Already – in North Carolina!

21 May

A lazy start as our daily distances to Beaufort NC are are bit off so this day was to be a fairly short day. Perfect timing as it was pouring out! We kept a close eye on our leak repairs and so far so good – it does seem that most of it was the eyebrow. We’ll do a more permanent repair when we are home with our workshop.

We set off about 1030 expecting to buck the tide to start and then get a bit of a free ride up river and through the Cut. That didn’t seem to happen for some reason. We fought the current going as slow as 2 knots and then 2.6 with the jib. There was a good 15 knot breeze against current so it was a spirited sail across the Cape Fear entry and on up Cape Fear River to Snow’s Cut. The ICW route took us alarmingly close to some sandpits and shoals which kept me hopping about but all was well. (I can see the name Cape Fear is appropriate, I can imagine what it would be like on a stormy night.) Sea Tow blasted by at full throttle with a boat in tow. Just past the Cut, into Myrtle Grove Sound,  we turned into Carolina Beach anchorage expecting to anchor but saw community transient moorings. We like to support communities that provide these- as they support us and it is better environmentally. Dinghy back in water and off we went to explore. They have a “carnival” just like the old days but we went for a lovely long walk on the beautiful windy Atlantic beach – more shells!

IMGP3070 IMGP3090 IMGP3096 IMGP3102 IMGP3107 IMGP3120

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