Mile Hammock Bay Air Show

22 May

We were up and off the mooring by 0615. It was a 3 bridge day – we lost 45 minutes on the first bridge but were in synch for the next two. We power sailed most of the day still fighting some current but not too bad. There is some major dredging work being done near Wrightsville. It was a hot sunny day but the breeze was our AC. I did manage to get another patch coat on the eyebrow varnish – doesn’t look good but will keep things intact until we do proper repair later this year. The scent of wild roses off the dunes were amazing. So many sights and sounds of the ICW, always something a bit different each day. Notably today we passed a boat, we are not the fastest out of the blocks so that is always fun. It was quite tricky through the mouth of New River but (nerves of steel David) meandered through while I hopped about. Shortly after we turned into another favourite anchorage, Mile Hammock Bay and settled in… cleaned, cooked, read, watched other anchor until after 8 pm and watched the air show. This anchorage is in the middle of Camp Lejeune, a military training area – high speed boats flew past and two weird aircraft landed, took off and circled – they had two huge props that went horizontally to lift straight up and then went vertically to fly forward as fast as a prop plane. It felt nice to be in a remote anchorage with a cluster of boats – 10 of us for all over the place.

IMGP3128 IMGP3149 IMGP3153IMGP3163IMGP3168


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