T’ick of rain!

23 May

We were the first to weigh anchor and were on our way at 0615.  USCG were busy today – one call from someone grounded and then an “unlocated” EPIRB of Renegade II (odd term). When they called requesting info from anyone, they said “pie-pie, pie-pie, pie-pie” – never heard the terminology before either. Other than that, it was a normal day – more sights and sounds of the ICW- and then it poured and the visibility closed in to less than a half mile. It improved as we neared Beaufort, NC. Certain places seem to be a real milestone and for some reason, Beaufort is one of them. We got settled in, got groceries and spare keys for the water pump, had a walk about town, and then dinghied over to Shatford Island in search of the wild horses. We weren’t able to get close this time but had wonderful views of them grazing and running on the sand dunes by the marsh grasses – such a beautiful sight. We also saw a helmet turtle, two foxes and a rabbit. I love these islands off Beaufort and they were such an unexpected pleasure. The weather for the next bit isn’t great so we may not make planned distances but we have a day or two spare built in. We should at least get to Oriental tomorrow as Belhaven is too far in the expected weather.


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