To Mile Marker “0”

1 Jun

We got an early start on the 31st to wash the boat on deck and clean below before the heat hit. We got all our pre-departure stuff done, David picked up a rental car – they gave us a Fiat 500, cute as a button! We picked Avril up at the airport and did some last minute errands.

Hard to believe it was June 1st already and the day was another scorcher! I took Avril on a tour of the amazing boat sheds, then we visited a Cheoy Lee Pedric 41 of 1985 – very different than our Cheoy Lee Richards 41. At 0945 we left the dock in time for the 1000 Great Bridge opening which put us through the Lock. We had just two more bridge openings of the ICW, the last being the Glimerton Bridge which was our first bridge opening experience all those months ago in November – funny, it seems so long ago. This day was another milestone – MM “0” (mile marker zero of the ICW) – over 2000 miles on the ICW averaging 5.5 knots! The next possible stopping point was too far to reach in a day so we pulled in to Tidewater Marina in Portsmouth across from Norfolk, mostly because they had a pool. The day was such a scorcher, we were wilting. We spent the afternoon paddling about the pool and it was glorious. In the evening, we walked the old town area, and the wind blew topping up our batteries with the wind generator.

IMGP3354 IMGP3363 IMGP3371 IMGP3377 IMGP3390


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