Hunkering Down in Cape May

12 Jun

Monday, we thought it would be one day but that has extended a bit… heavy rain and some weather. Dave and David put their heads in the bilge and conferred about our water pump. They tinkered with the set screws and the key and keyhole. We all walked in the rain and got soaked again. But Gypsy didn’t leak this time, go figure!
Deep Blue II left on Tuesday and we had planned to go as well, but decided to stay to get the thingamajig that the water pump fits to, to attach to the engine, fixed. We found a machine shop and the guy is making a sleeve to plug the hole, then rebore it so that the key fits properly, it had got reamed out and therefore wobbly. Does that make sense (not a mechanic’s description!) This is ok as there is a significant weather system coming through Wednesday through Friday. We hope to get underway again Saturday, weather dependent. We have been having a lovely time checking out Cape May – many fabulous Victorian houses (now B&Bs), streets of lovely (large) homes, a great pedestrian shopping street and lovely long beach. Everywhere we go the laughing gulls laugh at us. On weekends the “beach taker” comes by and collects $6 or something for the privilege of being on the beach! We are also taking the opportunity to do a few maintenance jobs on the boat and perhaps reduce another leak or two. All our leaks are from rain so at least it is just fresh water. I dug out more caulking on the eyebrow and we re caulked. David was very pleased with the work done on the thingamajig – the guy even added a slot that will sort lock in the set screw. We have hauled anchor and moved to a marina which is very sheltered as the anchorage was not good enough for the predicted weather. Wednesday there was a parade of boats coming in to hide from the imminent weather.




Praying to the Bilge Gods

Praying to the Bilge Gods










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