Into the Fray

17 Jun








IMGP3981It was a beautiful morning in Port Washington. We got ourselves organized and took the train into Penn Stn NY. Walking out of the station it was like an assault of people and noise. It is a city of great energy but limited charm. it is all about money. I read in a book somewhere “NY taxi drivers honk in anticipation of a delay” – so true! We did something not our usual style and took a hop in hop off bus tour. It was double decker, open up top and blistering hot. The tour was glib and superficial, but hey, we were in NY! Did you know that 20 NY blocks equal one mile… A cab fare is 40 cents per minute so if a cop hauls your cab over for any reason, get out as the clock doesn’t stop… The store Macy’s has a star logo as Captain Macy came back from sea with a star tattoo… The financial district is called the Fi-Di… Little by little Chinatown is taking over Little Italy… Our guide said there was nothing there and nothing to do at the Battery, Seaport, the Fi-Di and several other places we passed. She wasn’t much of an ambassador for NY. We escaped from the tour early, ducked in somewhere for lunch during the daily afternoon thunderstorm and then went to wander about Central Park. The Park was spectacular and the people watching just as good. Everywhere we saw the NYPD presence – and a wonderful crowd event at Time Square where it seemed Brad Pitt was doing a promotional appearance for his new movie World War Z – people waited all day in the blazing sun. Worn out, we joined the fray of after work throngs to get the train back to Port Washington (delay due to train derailment) and Gypsy. Avril says the word assault is synonymous with New York in her mind – so true… certainly more tiring than the 86 NM day around New Jersey! We enjoyed a fantastic sunset and lightning show once back onboard.

Again – photos later!

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