Snug in Booth Bay

28 Jun

After our false start and brief parking in the mud, we consoled ourselves with a great coffee at *158 Cafe then tried again at 1030, successfully. It was a long cold damp day. The fog gave us as little as 1/4 mile visibility and with lobster pots everywhere, the three of us were watching for them most of the day. We had the tide against us then it turned just as we did. The wind was on our nose all day even though we altered course twice. It was just one of those days. We averaged 3.7 knots – I think we can walk that fast! We tried sails once but no joy – as we were pulling lines David sat back to get better leverage and sat in his PBJ sandwich – a belly laugh moment. Nearing Booth Bay, a blob loomed out of the fog and it was “Shearwater” an Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey vessel – it reminded me of that scene in Happy Feet. Entering Booth Bay Harbour we came across Sherman Zwicker a schooner proudly sporting dress flags, the US flag atop the (taller) aft mast and our beloved Canadian mast atop the (lower) fore mast. There are a few NS built boats here – they call them Novie boats! We picked up a mooring at Tugboat Marina at 1915 and put on the furnace to thaw out.
We’ll wait out the coming weather snug on this mooring in sheltered Booth Bay.

lovely to see!

lovely to see!

Sheman Zwicker

Sheman Zwicker

Seismic vessel

Seismic vessel



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