On to Savannah

14 May

Weighed anchor on a gorgeous still morning at 0555. The race was on to get to Hell’s Gate about high tide for a clean transit. It was another day of careful navigating and driving. Just before we got to Hell’s Gate the couple on the Cherubini radioed back that it would be fine. We went through with no issues and just got ahead of a shrimper but a boat following us had to wait for. After the Skidaway Bridge opening we rounded the bend and arrived at Isle of Hope Marina about 1400. It was a social afternoon, chatting with Captain David on a large power yacht from Florida headed for NS and Quebec and also had drinks with the couple on the Cherubini. We cycled to the hardware store and in the evening used the loaner car to go in and wander about Savannah. Loved Savannah – along the riverside is the old Cotton Exchange, cobblestone streets made from European ship ballast with a train track running along it and festive shops and restaurants. Walking away from the river on Bull Street we were charmed by the beautiful architecture and all the green of the overhanging live oaks and the many, many parks. We wandered through the City Market then back to Gypsy all too ready for bed.

IMGP2842 IMGP2840 IMGP2852 IMGP2859 IMGP2860 IMGP2863

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